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Dogging Etiquette - Safety and Etiquette for Watchers

In the act of dogging, there are players who are dogging, and watchers, who are watching the dogging.  As dogging has become more prominent in UK culture, a dogging etiquette has developed.

Etiquette for new doggers

  • Make sure you know what to expect by reading about dogging.
  • Ask questions online and via swingers’ websites to make sure you know how to handle the situation as it can become to stimulating for some first time doggers.
  • When you go dogging, be polite and courteous.
  • Always let someone know where you are going for your safety. You don’t need to tell them why you’re going, but letting them know where you’re going is a start.
  • Dogging locations will be used for gay and straight dogging – so be ready to see both types of doggers.
  • You may not find what you’re looking for the first time you go dogging. As you browse swinging sites and dogging locations, you will soon see what to expect.
  • Be prepared for doggers to be older than you, if not silver swingers.

Dogging Safety

  • Use your common sense. Don’t meet someone if it doesn’t feel right. Be safe.
  • If you turn up to a location and you see a syringe, drugs, or anything else that you don’t agree with, leave instantly.
  • As with new doggers, tell someone where you are going.
  • When you go dogging, be polite and courteous.
  • Many doggers don’t use their real name. To stay anonymous, you could use an alias.
  • Be prepared to see someone you know if it is in your local area.
  • Don’t take valuables with you. Make sure you have very little money and put everything else in your glove compartment.
  • Never give the exact time to prevent youths from spoiling the fun. Only give a rough time and indication.
  • Make sure you speak to the people you’re likely to go dogging with first, if you can, to ensure you get on.
  • When you leave, make sure you’re not being followed.

Dogging etiquette for watchers

Watchers are considered people who are watching other people have intercourse.

  • Hygiene is paramount. Make sure you’re clean and fresh as if you’re dirty and smelly there aren’t many people who will let you watch.
  • Take condoms in case you decide to play.
  • If you do decide to play, ask first.
  • Make sure you understand the dogging signals. Only play if the windows are rolled down and only go and watch if the interior light is switch on and off once.
  • Let the couple you’re watching warm up, so don’t jump out of the car as soon as their lights go on.
  • Don’t try your luck when someone else is watching
    Just because one person is watching doesn’t mean everyone is invited. Ask the doggers if you can watch.
  • Don’t block another doggers car.

Dogging etiquette for players

Players are considered people who are having intercourse at a dogging location. More often than not, couples go dogging and single males either watch or join in as players.

  • Make sure you and your partner know your limits. Discuss what you want to do, what to expect and if you’ll invite others to play.
  • Be clean – if you want others to play with you, you will need to be clean and hygienic.
  • Always practice safe sex. Bring plenty of condoms and lubrication if you’ll need it.
  • Give clear signals to other doggers. Flash your light once if doggers can come and watch, and roll your window down to show them you’d like them to touch or join in.
  • Show your enjoyment. The more it looks like you’re enjoying it, the more people will enjoy watching.
  • Keep clean. Get rid of all the wrappers, lubricant packets and tissues properly when finished.
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