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Dogging Rules - The Rules of Dogging

The rules of dogging are few, but must be abided to, to ensure safe, healthy dogging for all. Make sure you are aware with the law about dogging and sex outdoors.

  1. Wear condoms at all times
    This goes without saying. Be safe to prevent sexually transmitted diseases passing. Oh, and pregnancy too. Make sure you have plenty of condoms ready as you can’t count on other people bringing condoms. You have no idea who is going to turn up or where they’ve been. Some people may also want to bring dental dams.
  2. Bring lube
    Lube, such as KY Jelly is handy. Water based lubricants are preferred as they won’t effect latex condoms. Lube is often available in packets rather than tubes which is handy when you’re outdoors.
  3. Make sure there are no passers by watching
    Ensure that there are no children ANYWHERE. Also make sure there are no innocent passers by walking along as they did not come to the park to see this. What’s more, they may also inform the police.
  4. Don’t block the view of others who are dogging
    It’s first come first serve. That means if someone turned up first, they’re able to go up and play first. Don’t block anyone else’s view and certainly don’t play first if you were the last one to turn up.
  5. Interior flash means come and watch
    If they flash their interior light once, that means you can go and watch.
  6. Rolling down of the window means you can play
    If they roll down the window, you can join them.
  7. Look with your eyes, not your hands
    If you’re just looking, then look with your eyes. A woman or couple will be severely put off if you start touching them when you’re supposed to be watching. If you do want to play, make sure you ask them if you can play before you start.
  8. Women can say no at any time
    It’s a woman’s right to say no at any time. Be aware that if she says no, it’s over.
  9. It’s always anonymous
    If you see someone you know, under no circumstances can you tell anybody. You cannot expose other people’s identities, blackmail them, or intrude on their privacy.
  10. Don’t trespass
    If it’s private land, don’t use it. It does not belong to you.
  11. Clean up after yourselves
    Dogging is very messy and there will be condom wrappers, lubricant packets and bottles of lubes involved. Baby wipes, paper towels and tissues may also be required, so make sure these are all thrown in the bin or taken home with you. Leave the place you came from as clean as you found it. Your enjoyment shouldn’t be a burden on others!
  12. Have fun
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