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This is a FREE Swinging Site

This is a free swinging site for swingers who want to get together for fun.

The reason that we can make it free is because we (Andrea and Stu) got a little pissed off at the fact that all swinging sites seem to charge money for something that should be free (we think so, anyway!). What can be even more annoying is when you do join, it seems like it's all a little bit fake anyway.

So one day in May 2007, we both decided to make a swinging website that we'd both like to use. One that didn't charge you £60 to register for a year, just to send a message, or a site that didn't cost £20 a month if you couldn't afford to pay for a whole year!

So here it is, a free swinging site!

What's the catch?

There really isn't one. Yes, we do have expenses (bandwidth and Stu's time), so thats why we introduced the Site Supporter option. You can still use the site if you don't support the site - it just helps us meet our costs and gets rid of the ads.

If you'd like to contact us, you can do so, here.

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