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If you have any problems, questions or queries about this site, have a look here. If you're question still hasn't been answered after reading the answers to the questions below, contact us here.

How do I join
To join - the free swinging site, click here to register.

How much does it cost?
Ah ha - it's free! Yes, free! Read more here.

I'm not sure whether swinging is for me?
Please make sure that you want to swing before you start swinging. Also, try not to cheat on your partner - if you want to swing and they don't, perhaps talking to them first would help.

Site/member abuse
Report all abuse to us here.

What is email verification?
There are a lot of fake sign ups - so, to prove that the person who joins up is really a person and not a computer, we ask you to verify your email address.

I never received an email
If you never received a confirmation email and are certain that you signed up, simply follow the instructions here.

I can't login - help!
If you can't login, either your username or password is incorrect. If you do not know your username or password, click here.

Forgotten password - help!
If you don't know your password, click here.

Posting an ad
To post an ad, you must be signed up. Simply click on 'Add a swinging advert' in your menu.

Replying to an ad
To reply to an ad, press the 'Contact member' button.

Adding pictures to my ad
To add pictures to your swinging ad, you must have previously uploaded some images to your profile. Simply tick the images you want posted with your ad. A maximum of 3 are allowed per ad, but members will be able to see more if you've made them part of your public gallery.

What is a SwingQuick ad?
SwingQuick ads are swinging adverts for those who want to meet at short notice. Post an ad here if you are urgently looking to meet at short notice! Browse the SwingQuick adverts here.

Posting a SwingQuick ad
To post a SwingQuick advert, simply click on 'Add a SwingQuick ad' in your member menu.

When does a SwingQuick ad end?
You choose how long you want your ad to last - from 12 hours to 2 days.

Adding to the forum
You have to be a member. Once a member, simply click on 'Reply' to reply, 'Add a topic' to add a topic.

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