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Seascroft Marsh in Skegness plagued by dogging problems

Wed, 16 Jan 2013
Seascroft Marsh in Skegness is being plagued by dogging problems preventing kids and families visiting the area according to Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

The area is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the trust have stated that they ‘loath to take children’ to the wildlife spot.

Mr Millar, the coastal ranger for the trust said that "in some areas it happens at night-time and out of the way and it's not a problem but this is happening during the daytime".

Dogging usually takes place at previously specified locations. However, Seascroft Marsh has seen an unprecedented number of dogging incidents. Mr Millar has asked for people who notice and untoward behaviour to the trust so that they can build up a catalogue of incidents to pass on to the police.

The police are unable to do much about these incidents unless they catch someone in the act, and so Mr Millar is hopeful this will act as a deterrent.
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