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By: BigHam on 26/06/2008
I took my wife, Barb, dogging again yesterday. We're regular doggers but this time was different. When we arrived at the site there was a big white van with several guys standing outside. We pulled our car up alongside the van and exchanged some glances with two of the guys sitting in the front of it. We wound down our window to talk to them and they invited us in to the back of their van.

There was a mattress on the floor and in total there were 6 guys in or outside of the van. When my wife stepped in to the van the guys asked if she liked anal. She told them that she loved anal and she looked at me for my thoughts, I just gave her a gentle nod to say that I don't mind her getting fucked up the ass by all 6 guys.

She lay down on the mattress and very quickly all of her clothes were ripped from her. Very soon after that she had the first bareback cock thrust up her ass. She also had cocks in each of her hands and in her mouth. I just stood there and watched as each of the guys blew their load up my wifes ass. They all called her a slut and she loved it. AFter the sixth guy had blown his load in her ass she asked me to go down on her ass hole and suck the cum out. I love the taste of my own cum dripping from my wife but I've never tried other guys cum before but there is a first time for everything.

As I bent over to lick her out I felt my belt being unbuckled and my trousers being pulled down, this was certainly going to be a first for me but I didn't complain. I felt a cock go up my ass, it was uncomfortable at first but the guy quickly came in me and his cum worked as lube for the other guys. I started licking my wifes vagina, which was soaking wet with her own pussy juices as well as other guys cum. My wife and I came at the same time as the third cock went up my arse.

After I fell to my knees in orgasmic pleasure I left with Barb. The guys all thanked us and we had both been well and truly fucked. I'll certainly be trying that again.
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Swingers Comments
Date of review: 05 November 2012
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm @ eating pussy while getting fucked, my fav position to be in
Date of review: 14 October 2012
Wish i was on my knees taking six cocks in my arse
Date of review: 28 December 2010
Get those six guys to do me in the mouth and up the arse
Date of review: 28 December 2010
Get those six guys to do me in the mouth and up the arse
Date of review: 19 October 2010
invite me next time
Date of review: 24 August 2010
wow sounds like fun where is it
ace gave this 5/5 stars
from ace
Date of review: 16 August 2010
love to try that with you
Date of review: 01 April 2010
oh YES?
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