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My Kinky daughter in law

My Kinky daughter in law
By: DaddyBoy on 29/06/2008
I'm a 49 year old father of 3 and I've been married for 30 years so you can imagine that my sex life has seen better days. This all changed though when my 18 year old son started going out with a rather kinky young girl by the name of Leanne.

I'd heard through friends at the local pub that Leanne was a bit of a sex crazed 19 year old but I didn't put my son off going out with her as he's young so he doesn't need to worry about his partners.

AFter about 6 months of the two going out we all went on a family holiday to our villa in spain. On the first night I was standing out on the balcony of the villa looking out on to the garden and private pool. Leanne was in the Jacuzzi part of the pool enjoying the warm bubbles on her slender body with her perfectly formed tits. She looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back, jesus my son had been lucky with this little minx, what a body! Leanne stepped out of the Jacuzzi and moved in to the main part of the pool, she was swimming up and down but not in a normal way, her movements were very sexual and then at one end of the pool she stopped. She leaned against the side of the pool and started massaging her breasts, she was very careful not to make eye contact with me but she knew I was looking. Then all of a sudden she got out of the pool and went to bed with my son.

The next day I got up early and found Leanne was up even earlier, she said she wanted to go in to the town to pick up some bits and pieces and asked me if I could drive her down, which I agreed to. Neither of us mentioned her little show last night. She had a very tight pair of shorts on and a bikini top as we drove in to the town. I couldn't help but look at her body and I started to get an erection, which didn't escape Leanne's attention. She asked me to pull up on a little lay-by on the road to admire the view over the rocks and ocean. I knew she had other reasons for wanted to pull over but I'm a 49 year old sex starved man so I did as I was told.

As soon as we pulled over her hands jumped on to my cock and started unbuttoning my trousers. I didn't fight it and I tried to grope her breasts but she wouldn't let me touch her. She told me she was in control and I just had to be still.

She gave me the best blow job I've ever had right there in the car and she swallowed very last drop of cum that I sprayed in to her mouth. As soon as it was over she told me to drive on. She gave me a little smile though that said this wouldn't be the last bit of excitement on the holiday and it wasn't. I'll write up some more stories another time :)

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Swingers Comments
deldick69 gave this 4/5 stars
Date of review: 24 September 2012
lucky guy and a good girl
Date of review: 06 July 2012
Date of review: 23 December 2011
Im with tj such a horny story.. lets hear the rest ..
mikeuk gave this 5/5 stars
from mikeuk
Date of review: 11 July 2008
TJ gave this 5/5 stars
from TJ
Date of review: 05 July 2008
mmmmm fucking love it.
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