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Rules of Wife Swapping

In the UK, experiences and rules on wife swapping vary. Some wife swapping parties may have set rules that are emailed to those attending. If not, the couples attending are expected to follow some basic wife swap rules. Some of the most common wife swapping rules are explained below.

Knowing your limits

There’s nothing worse for souring the mood at a wife swap party than a couple who have taken it too far for the other’s approval. Make sure, before you go to your wife swap party, that you know how far you want to take it. For some couples this may be soft swing; for others hard swing.

Either way, make sure you know each other’s limits and respect that.

Good communication

This stems from knowing your limits. Make sure both members of the couple know what they are comfortable with, and any ‘safe’ words that you can use to state that you’re not happy, or are happy, with the proceedings.


It’s key to respect other people and their limits. For example, if you’re happy to have fully penetrative sex and the other couple aren’t, you must respect this. As a couple, you must also respect each other and ensure that your partner is of utmost importance rather than the people you’re going to be having intercourse with.


Make sure you are comfortable with what you’re doing and where you are. It is blatantly obvious when a man or woman is not comfortable with what’s going on (even more blatant in men). As a couple, talk about what you are and aren’t comfortable with.

Wife swapping is a social event that should enhance a couple’s relationship - both social and sexual. Many couples advise treating wife swapping as a dinner party with perks!

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