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Safe Dogging

Dogging is an English practice of having sex in car parks or hidden, wooden areas which rose to fame in the 70s.

Men used to follow couples whilst walking their dogs in secluded locations with the aim of catching couples in the act of sex. With the rise of swinging, dogging also became an excuse for couples to have sex outdoors.

Stan Collymore

Sex outdoors has become more and more popular. It has been increasingly reported in the media too, and received much attention with the Stan Collymore scandal. Stan Collymore was caught swinging by an undercover reporter from the News of The World.

Staying safe

Dogging often occurs when it is dark. For this reason, it’s key to stay safe. Car parks are typical locations for people who are dogging, so make sure you tell someone where you’re going, even if you don’t tell them what you plan to get up to.

Make sure you stay safe outdoors. When it’s dark, you won’t be able to see if someone’s wearing a condom or not. Make sure you check and confirm that everything is safe and how you want it before you proceed to have sex.

Don’t just turn up to a dogging location. Research online or ask in forums where dogging is taking place and contact others who are going dogging. Dogging often occurs in cars, so make sure you’re welcome before you expect sex.

The law: sex in public is illegal

Having sex in public locations is illegal. Therefore, dogging is illegal. There’s not much change of you ending up in jail for dogging, however you may be arrested or cautioned if you’re caught in the act.

For that reason, make sure you’re reasonably assured that the police won’t turn up. If it’s on the internet, there’s a good chance a lot of people know where the dogging will be taking place.

Finally, only join in with others if you’re invited. You’re in a public place so you’ll probably be safe, however you can’t take anything for granted.

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