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Sexual Health

Just because you’re a swinger doesn’t mean you are more like to catch a sexually transmitted disease. There are no sexual diseases or STDs that are only prevalent in the swinging community.

Swinging clubs

There are over 50 swinging clubs in the UK, over 50 in Holland and more than 450 in the USA. According to these swingers clubs, there has never been a reported increase in STDs on the swinging premises or by general swingers.

Many swingers clubs will insist on condoms for penetrative sex. Each swingers club will have its own rules.  If in doubt, make sure you know the sexual health rules for any swinging club you go to, as you may be shown the door if you fail to administer to their sexual health policy.

Swinging is a typically middle class and married activity. That may be a contributing factor to the fact that even when swingers clubs didn’t have sexual health policies and people use to have sex bareback, or unprotected, AIDS and other STD transmission was relatively low.


The only reported case of HIV transmission in swinging involved anal sex in 1986. At a swingers club in Minneapolis, 2 women caught HIV through unprotected anal sex with 2 bi-sexual men.  However, there have been no other cases of HIV transmission.

Even though the media report that the swingers community is rife with STDs, this simply isn’t the case.

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