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G Spot

G Spot, GSPOT Private Members Club, 37-43 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RE
0116 2229155 or 07773752520
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G Spot
Club includes 5 lockable play rooms all with video - with a hand built 8ft x 3ft bed, with two 8ft x 4ft hand built bed, with 8ft x 8ft bed for very friendly members.

with a new fetish area with cross and wall shackles along with a pole dance area.

Friday and Saturday nights are club nights and are the busiest nights they have.

G Spot swinger reviews
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massived gave G Spot 1/5 stars
Date of review: 01 July 2010
as a single bloke,i must say this club ain`t worth visiting...they charge 36.50 not 30,and then they hand ya a ticket to get laid to a prostitute, better of goin to a massage parlour
where at least the girls are more appealing.
Date of review: 13 January 2009
This club is the pits of all pits, We can only call it as we see it and dispite the old "its different now, we got new management" the place is an utter hell hole. Its filthy uncomfortable and where most clubs stop the endless stream of single blokes these encourage them and charge them the earth.They become increasingly frustrated as the night wares on and they encroach on your night with alarming regularity. This is not what we call a swinging club, AVOID (unless you require a single bloke, we find it cheaper to shout out of our front room window)
Date of review: 13 January 2009
bill & jayne gave G Spot 1 out of 5 stars.
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