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Swingers Clubs in the UK

Swingers clubs are venues, like normal clubs, that cater for couples and single who wish to swing with each other. There are over 50 swingers clubs in the UK. Each swingers club has its own swingers club policy, which if not adhered to can lead to exclusion.

Swingers clubs usually only operate on certain days, so make sure you find out their opening times. This isn’t always in the evening like normal clubs. Some clubs operate in the day, and make operate Bukkake, BBW or Munches during the day.

Most clubs often operate themes for certain nights. There are also nights where single males may not be allowed in, or when couples are solely permitted into the club.

Swingers club membership and charges

When you visit a swingers club, make sure you research their policy. Charges for swingers clubs are often free or quite small for couples and single females, and remarkably high for single males. It is often in the range of £30 and upwards for singe men wishing to visit a swingers clubs.

Some clubs also operate membership fees. These are often higher for single males. Single males are often the most financially worse off of all the participants in the swinging world. It is often cheaper to go with a female partner and buy membership together rather than a single male buying membership alone.

Dress policy

Some swingers clubs have their own dress policy. This is usual formal, until you’re in the club. Once in the club, some swingers clubs will ask you strip down to underwear or your bare essentials. Being comfortable at the club is key – so make sure you know the dress policy.

Don’t get carried away

It’s easy to get carried away at a swingers club when you get caught up in the moment. Make sure you don’t get carried away or taken advantage of. Know your limits and stick by them.

Finding a swingers club

Use our swingers clubs directory to find swingers clubs in your area. Once you find a club, check their website to see what they’re like and whether you’ll like it. Some clubs can be quite grotty, so it’s key you know what to expect.

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