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Swingers Holidays

Swingers holidays are holidays at certain locations or venues that cater for swingers. In the UK, Butlins are the most reknown for swingers holidays.

As a group, swingers often book a venue such as Butlins for a week or so and all get together for the social and sexual aspects of swinging.

Holiday munches

Munches often arrange swingers holidays as they are a large collective of swingers. Swingers holidays usually take place during weekends or holidays such as summer or winter in order to allow couples to spend several days together.

Arranging a swinging holiday

Arranging a swingers holiday can be quite arduous as it’s often hard to time holidays together with a plethora of people. For this reason, booking ahead is key to ensure you get a good rate for your room or venue and so that everyone else can book the same place also.

Swingers clubs' holidays

Some swingers clubs operate swingers holidays too, so crawl the net for information about swingers holidays or view swingers clubs’ websites to see whether they’re hosting any parties or holidays.

Make sure you’re sensible when it comes to swinging holidays. Only book a holiday with people you have a rapport with, know or trust. You don’t want to take a holiday from work only to find you’re spending it with the neighbours from hell.


Many swingers holidays may involve dogging too, after dark. If you’ll be dogging too, make sure you know all of the dogging rules, do’s and don’ts and how to be safe when swinging to ensure you’re sexual and emotional health is preserved.

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