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Swingers Party

A swingers party is a normal party, with food, nibbles and drinks with the added extra of the people at the party most likely engaging in sexual activity.

Usually, a couple or group host a swingers party either at someone’s home, or a hired venue such as a hotel or swingers club. More often than not, swingers parties will be held at a couple’s home. For that reason, respect and discretion should be executed at all times.

There are 2 types of swingers parties. These are paid swinging parties, and non-paid swinging parties.

Non-paid swinging parties

Non paid for swingers parties are typically parties that don’t carry a fee to attend, or the fee is under £10. This cost usually covers food, drinks and nibbles. Towels are normally provided free of charge too. These towels probably belong to the couple or host of the party, so don’t get them too dirty! Non paid for swinging parties are often quite low in numbers.

Often under 5 to 10 couples, it’s quite an intimate affair when compared to swingers parties conducted as hotels or luxury locations.

Paid for parties

Paid for parties are parties that incur a fee of £10 or more. This fee may be justifiable if the venue is a hotel or there is an abundance of alcohol or food. However, many couples organize parties online in the false premise that it is a free party only to tell you on the phone that the party incurs a cost.

If you do go to a paid party, don’t part with your money until you get there. Some paid for parties have been falsely advertised and some swingers have certainly lost money.

A typical fee for a paid for swingers party at a hotel or even abroad on a swingers holiday can range from £20 to £50. This all depends on where the party is to be held and how much you’re willing to pay.

Don’t forget not to drink too much when you’re at a party, as excess can often lead to being sick. If you’re at someone else’s home, make sure you treat their home with respect as you would do your own.

Also, don’t forget that closed and open door swinging will be in full swing (no pun attended) at any swingers party. Therefore, it’s key you abide to the rules and only approach other people when invited.

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