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Swinging Guide for Couples

Swinging started with couples swapping wives. As couples are the focus of swinging, there are many couples in the swinging community. This guide highlights a few points worth considering as a couple.

Make sure you both know what you want

Single men and women love meeting couples. Couples aren’t nervous or unsure if they know what they want. In fact, couples can often take the lead to put everyone else’s nerves at ease. Make sure your partner knows your desires, fantasies and limits so you don’t upset each other and all have fun.

Make sure your relationship is stable

There’s nothing worse than meeting a couple when they’re not getting on. Make sure you’re happy with each other having sex with strangers. There are stories of couples falling out, arguing and even talking about divorce when meeting others. Make sure this isn’t you.

Swinging as a couple should only occur when you both are happy with each other. Silver swingers are most often very comfortable with their partners and desires as they've been together for at least 2 decades.

Don’t cheat

If you want to have sex with others, tell your partner. There is nothing worse than a cheating partner. It puts your whole relationship at risk.

Have code words for swinging

If you find that starting the sexual activity is tense, use code words or code actions (such as one half going to the bathroom) to start the swinging. This can put the other person’s nerves at ease and lead to a lot more fun together.

Swinging should be fun and exhilarating for both the male and female in the couple. Some men enjoy watching their women with another man, and some women enjoy fun with other women whilst their husband or partner watches.

Whatever your desire is, make sure you see eye to eye before you set foot in the swinging world.

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