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Swinging Guide for Men

There is an overwhelming number of men who are in the swinging scene. Due to this, single men get can get a hard time in the swinging community. This swinging guide for men aims to inform men about how to get by swinging.

There are a LOT of single men

Remember that you’re in a crowd of single men. Ultimately, you’ll want to have sex with women (most likely!). However, most couples are looking for couples. Therefore, there is an abundance of men in the swinging community which means that couples and women can be very picky.

Don’t expect messages back from people you contact as they’re probably inundated with messages.

Make sure when you contact people, you write a decent message

Making sure you spell correctly and can write more than ‘can we have sex’ is essential if you expect a reply. Try and be original and creative.

Don’t copy and paste

Messages that have been properly thought out and not a copy and paste will always be more likely to receive a reply from fellow swingers, even if it's for swingers parties.

Don’t always send a picture of your genitals

Women know what a penis looks like. They’re more likely to respond if you send a picture of your face.

No means no

When an advert says no single men, don’t try and tempt the couple or person who created the ad with a picture of your genitals, or send a message bragging about your sexual conquests. Quite simply, no single males means no single males.

Pay attention - listen to the ad

If someone only wants swingers with 5 inch cocks, that means they don’t want anything else. Listen to the ad and don’t waste your own, or the other person’s time.

Be polite

Be polite and sincere. If you get a rejection, don’t take it personally. As was said earlier, couples and females receive a LOT of messages from other couples, single men and single women. Being healthy and polite is key to not being ignored by fellow swingers.

If you arrange a meet, don’t bail out

One of the reasons single males have a bad reputation in the swinging world is because they often evade meets once they’ve arrange them. Make sure you turn up! If not for yourself, for other single males who swing.

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