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Swinging Guide for Women

Single women are the most sought after swingers. Couples often seek females, whether bi or straight, often seek the elusive single female. Men also inundate women with messages on swingers sites. As a female, you really do have the pick of the bunch.

Be safe

If you’re swinging alone, make sure you’re safe. This means letting someone know you’re swinging, whether they’re friends or family. You don’t have to watch much of the news to see that women are often victims of abuse. For this reason, safety is paramount.

Single women are often seen as being vulnerable in the swinging community. However, this is not the case. Make sure you set out the rules.

Makes sure you speak to the female

If you’re meeting a couple, make sure you speak to the female half of the couple to make sure the people you’re talking to are genuine. There are often situations where men pose as couples just to collect pictures.

Don’t give out your details

Don’t give out your personal details such as email, telephone numbers or address until you’re sure you can trust the person you’re in contact with. There are more than enough weird swingers about.

Meet in a mutually convenient, safe place

Make sure you meet whoever you’re meeting in a neutral location to ensure they look like they say they look and are who they say they are. There’s nothing worse than meeting someone to find out they look nothing like their picture.

Make sure you set your limits

Let the couple, female or males you’re meeting know you’re limits. For example, if you don’t want to do anal, make sure they know that touching or rimming is on or off bounds.

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