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Got a story about swinging or dogging? It doesn't even have to be real - what is your most erotic fantasy? Use the swinging stories area of to post sensuous swinging stories and dirty dogging tales.

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2337: First and only time
Posted by: Anon on 06/01/2018
The only time my wife has had sex with anyone else but me happened several years ago now. We were on holiday in Perranporth. We spent a few days on th
2309: Wonderful encounter
Posted by: Tim on 27/03/2017
Just over a year ago I received a load of phone texts from a good customer of mine based in Derby... Thought at first she may have mistakenly sent th
2306: The Nudist Beach
Posted by: M on 15/02/2017
Five years ago I was on holiday in America, Spain. One afternoon I decided to try out the nudist beach at the resort we were staying at. I lay there
2300: Our First MMFM
Posted by: NorthwalescouplE on 10/01/2017
OUR FIRST MMMF (The True Story) David, a regular visitor from Manchester, messaged me on day and said that he had a friend, John, that would like
2298: Ways to surprise your other half!! xx
Posted by: Mel xx on 28/12/2016
Love to surprise Andy and have new adventures and being rather mishevious I put into action my latest hair brain scheme!!!...A trip to a local brothel
2291: Weekend surprise.
Posted by: Emma on 17/11/2016
I am a middle aged woman who has had what some of you call a vanilla sexual journey during most of my life. On a recent holiday I met a fabulous lady
2289: Secret Fantasy.
Posted by: Anon. on 04/11/2016
My Husband and I were at a wedding recently, and were sat at the bar enjoying a drink. My hubby is not a dancer, so we just watched. I was just peopl
2288: first time with strangers
Posted by: now a libertine couple on 07/10/2016
Not a story. This is as it happened. So there we were walking in the sand dunes of Maspalomas. Our first time on a nudist beach. We found a spot and
2286: One Night Romance
Posted by: rampanttime on 06/07/2016
It was late on a Friday evening, the heat of the day still making the walk along the beach pleasant. Just another lonely walk for me as usual. Being a
2285: fantasy2
Posted by: tony on 12/06/2016
i said to rogeri would like to watch u give tina a massage but can u just leave her sexy nickers on he said thats fine he asked if he could strip nake
2282: Happy Birthday
Posted by: TandS on 24/05/2016
Happy Birthday !! So here it is another year older my birthday and my birthday gift from my sexy wife, best friend and tormentor. I was woken this mo
2281: Happy Birthday
Posted by: TandS69 on 24/05/2016
Happy Birthday !! So here it is another year older my birthday and my birthday gift from my sexy wife, best friend and tormentor. I was woken this mo
2276: fantasy 2
Posted by: tony on 08/04/2016
we told roger i just wanted him to give tina a massage while i watch he said hes fine with that he ask us if its alright if he does it naked as its m
2275: Having two cocksluts
Posted by: The master on 04/04/2016
This is a true story .......I am a master to two rather different cocksluts, the cockslut that lives with me full time is very easy to manage , she l
2273: A night of a cockslut
Posted by: Cockslut on 20/03/2016
My days and nights consist of being tied up , usually with a spread bar between my legs , clamps on my nipples , my master then opens the door and let
2272: fantasy
Posted by: tony on 02/03/2016
we r a mature couple and on saterday night we like to have a drink and have some fun tina was getting a bit tipsy so i ask if i could take some photos
2270: bi fuck part 2
Posted by: Mike Trefusis on 22/01/2016
ou will have seen my previous post about the guy we met in a toilet on holiday and the fun we had. Well he asked to come back the next night and late
2256: my ultimate wife fantasy continued
Posted by: Anon on 17/10/2015
After she said that she wants to be fucked hard and deep i was rubbing her fanny through the material of her knickers i asked my wife if she wanted me
2255: Caught Fucking Wifes Sister
Posted by: sweetbut60 on 06/09/2015
I was at a Family Party and got caught by my wife stuck up her drunk sister. Its probably not as bad as it seems because I already knew that my wife a
2254: my ultimate wife fantasy continued
Posted by: Anon on 29/08/2015
I went back into the living room leaving him in the kitchen when I went back into the living room my wife was on the couch with her legs spread wide o
2253: 1st ever gangbang
Posted by: Anon on 10/08/2015
It happened without me actually knowing about it , I was with my then boyfriend he said he wanted to tie me up and fuck me while I was tied up n blind

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