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Swinging and Dogging Stories

Got a story about swinging or dogging? It doesn't even have to be real - what is your most erotic fantasy? Use the swinging stories area of to post sensuous swinging stories and dirty dogging tales.

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2272: fantasy
Posted by: tony on 02/03/2016
we r a mature couple and on saterday night we like to have a drink and have some fun tina was getting a bit tipsy so i ask if i could take some photos
2270: bi fuck part 2
Posted by: Mike Trefusis on 22/01/2016
ou will have seen my previous post about the guy we met in a toilet on holiday and the fun we had. Well he asked to come back the next night and late
2256: my ultimate wife fantasy continued
Posted by: Anon on 17/10/2015
After she said that she wants to be fucked hard and deep i was rubbing her fanny through the material of her knickers i asked my wife if she wanted me
2255: Caught Fucking Wifes Sister
Posted by: sweetbut60 on 06/09/2015
I was at a Family Party and got caught by my wife stuck up her drunk sister. Its probably not as bad as it seems because I already knew that my wife a
2254: my ultimate wife fantasy continued
Posted by: Anon on 29/08/2015
I went back into the living room leaving him in the kitchen when I went back into the living room my wife was on the couch with her legs spread wide o
2253: 1st ever gangbang
Posted by: Anon on 10/08/2015
It happened without me actually knowing about it , I was with my then boyfriend he said he wanted to tie me up and fuck me while I was tied up n blind
2251: my ultimate wife fantasy
Posted by: Anon on 07/08/2015
I have been trying to get my wife to agree to letting me invite another guy to our house for a threesome but every time I ask her she keeps saying no
2250: bull cucked
Posted by: cantonkid1955 on 20/07/2015
Ive been involved with a married couple for 13 years,she is a hotwife,he is the cuck and I am her bull.Ive taken them away on holiday with me for the
1783: Old Time Friend Smiles
Posted by: Sarg on 30/05/2015
Many years ago I had a friend called Simon. We played golf, we drank and clubbed together. I moved from area and we just faded out. About 6 months ago
1782: sex in balcony
Posted by: adam4664 on 13/05/2015
it s was new eve and all my friends were in balcony loking at the firework then as no one watching i took my friend wife make her sit on my leg hiked
1776: Swinging with M and J
Posted by: Leaner on 07/03/2015
I met M and J as agreed at a pub just outside leister. It was just before Christmas so it was busy. J was very quiet. M explained that J was very s
1775: A special moment
Posted by: Leaner on 21/02/2015
You look good in your negligee I stand behind you with my hands on your hips and gently blow on your neck You push yourself against me feeling my manh
1774: Oral outing
Posted by: Leaner on 21/02/2015
It is a big fantasy of mine to be dinning out at a public table possibly a pub restaurant. Sitting close to someone like yourself, wearing your black
1760: My first time with my ex aka don''t take the fastest route home!
Posted by: themorethemerrier on 28/09/2014
The are good memories and bad memories about my sex life, but luckily the good memories overwhelm the latters. The more exciting ones was the one whi
1759: Watching the wife
Posted by: anon a mouse on 15/09/2014
My wife Sue is now in her 40,s but you can easily knock 10-15 years off her age , she looks fit an attractive still , I know she has played behind my
1747: Watching the wife
Posted by: anon a mouse on 15/09/2014
My wife Sue is now in her 40,s but you can easily knock 10-15 years off her age , she looks fit an attractive still , I know she has played behind my
1746: last night
Posted by: sterlingchef on 13/09/2014
So my misses me and mate had the most amazing 3 sum I cant count how many weve had but it was out of this world shes sore today tho but realised we fu
1742: Health club
Posted by: Anon on 04/08/2014
We was out for the day in a naked health club we booked ourselves in got our towels feeling nervous we stripped off and found a quite spot to settle d
1740: caught wearing pink panties
Posted by: str8pantyboy on 16/07/2014
im a hetro guy who''s early pornography involved looking at underwear models in catalogues. thats why i think i like wearing knickers so much. i have
1739: first 3 sum with my wife
Posted by: classicalpeter on 16/06/2014
my wife and I always used to spice up our sex life by telling each other our fantasies time went on it became clear both our favourite was a 3 s
1731: My introduction into swing life.
Posted by: Wavetops on 28/02/2014
May years ago when I started my first job as a lifeguard in Hampshire, I got to know a few people who became good friends and we used to meet after wo

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