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Swinging with Friends

Swinging with your friends and the topic of asking them to swing with you is a very fragile topic. As friends, you may have flirted with each other but approaching the topics of swapping partners could ruin the friendship.

Acting on the urge to swing with your friends must be taken carefully. Acting on your urge and talking about it are very different. Couples suggest inviting friends in the spur of the moment, rather than inviting friends ‘on a date’ as it seems more natural and less conceived.

Swinging lifestyle

Even if your friends do decide to swing, the case whereby one member of the couple doesn’t want to swing and isn’t interested in the swinging lifestyle, or there is no attraction could occur. If that is the case (and it has already been discussed), another male or female can be found to join the fun. Don't forget the do's and don't of swinging.

Ultimately, there may never be a perfect time to ask your friends to swing. But, unless you try – you’ll never know. However, you must be prepared for them to say no and for them to no longer be your friends.

Why not to swing with friends

On the flip side – many people would simply say don’t swing with friends. The reason being that if they say no, you will be ‘opened up’. By this, they will know that you are swingers and if discretion is a priority for you, could tell other people.

Further still, if you do swing with friends, there is the possibility for things to go wrong. Even though swinging should have very little emotion in it (for those you’re swinging with), it can do. There’d be nothing worse than  your friends uncovering sordid histories on each other. Jealousy can also show it’s ugly head in these kinds of situations.

Before you swing with friends, it may be an idea to test the water on a swingers site and pose the possibility of swinging with others (rather than yourself) to your friends, before you swing with each other.

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