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Wife Swapping

What is now known as swinging was once referred to as wife swapping. Wife swapping was a social event where couples would ‘swap’ wives for sex and intimacy. It is likely that wife (or partner) swapping has been going on for years.

If we look at ancient history, the Romans were famous for their orgies, very similar to the swinging munches and swingers parties we get today. Not only that, but the Karma Sutra is filled with sexually liberating positions.

The Key Club

Wife swapping really took off after WW2 when American Air Pilots used to bring their partners to live with them on their bases. Due to the insecure nature of the future, many of the pilots and their wives ‘swapped’ and had sex with others’ wives.  As the Korean War started, key clubs formed, whereby husbands put their house keys into a bowl and then had to draw out another’s keys. The wife who lived in that house would then partner off with the man who chose the keys.

The media found out about key clubs in the early 1950s and since then, wife swapping became a household term. The wife swapping rules also became publicised.

Wife swapping in the UK

In Britain, wife swapping was famous in the 1980s for being a social event where men would put their car keys in a bowl and each man would then in turn pick a set of keys.

Similar to key clubs, the wife whose partner owned the car that the keys belonged to would then have intercourse with the chooser. Swinger experiences confirm this did use to happen, but not as widespread as the media made it out to be.

During the last 10 years, the media’s spotlight has left the subject of wife swapping and swinging, and moved onto the exploits of dogging.

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